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What are the Various Types of Computer Viruses?
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What are the Various Types of Computer Viruses?

A virus is a type of computer program that can take control of a device by corrupting it. There are numerous types of viruses which include spyware, malware, and adware. A virus may easily and quickly spread from one computer to another one. To spread, a virus may inhabit any kind of file or folder. Whenever one user transmits it to someone else, over the World Wide Web, there is a chance of it infecting the receiving computer. Furthermore, a detachable carrier like a USB drive, floppy disk, CD, or DVD may also be used to transmit viruses.
Below are a few of the different types of computer viruses that could potentially infect your system.

Boot Virus
This variety of virus has an effect on the boot sector of a hard drive. This is the most important section of any disk, through which data on the disk itself is kept along with an application which makes it possible to start your computer through the disk. The most effective way for staying away from boot viruses would be to make sure that floppy disks are write-protected and do not ever start your personal computer with an unidentified floppy disk or flash drive inserted.
Examples of Boot Viruses Include: AntiEXE, Polyboot.B, and Allureon.

Polymorphic Virus
Polymorphic viruses encode themselves in a unique manner, making use of diverse codes and security keys, each time they invade a system. This will make it extremely hard for anti-virus programs to locate them using thread or signature queries since they are varied in every single encryption and in addition it allows them to produce a great number of duplicates of themselves.

Direct Action Viruses
The primary reason for this virus is to repeat and make a change when it is implemented. Whenever a particular circumstance has been reached, the virus will become active and attack files in the index or directory that it is currently in as well as directories which are particular to the autoexec.bat file directory. This particular file can be found in the main index of the hard drive and performs specific procedures when your computer is started up.

Resident Viruses
This sort of virus is an irreversible one which thrives in the random access memory. From that location, it can conquer and disrupt every one of the functions performed by the computer as well as corrupting files and applications that are launched, closed, cloned, renamed and so forth.
Examples of Resident Viruses Include: Randex, Meve, MrKlunky, and CMJ.

Directory Virus
Directory viruses alter the pathways in which reveal the placement of a file. By starting up an application that has been corrupted by a virus, you are unconsciously starting the virus program, while the initial document and system have already been recently moved by the virus. When infected, it is likely out of the question to track down the original files.

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