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Computer Repair Louisville, KY

Computer Repair Louisville, KY


Residential & Commercial - Reliable, Affordable, Fast...Guaranteed


Accident? Computer Virus? Slow Computer? Blue Screen? Toolbars? Bad Hard Drive? Windows Won't Load? Cracked Screen? Error Messages? Slow? Black Screen? Data Gone?

Not Anymore You've Found Help

laptop repair specialist

laptop repair specialist

Male or Female Technician (Chris or Samantha) on Duty for Emergency Computer Service In Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana...

Computer Repair Louisville, KY Guarantee

Computer Repair Louisville, KY Guarantee

Our Promise

"We will treat you the same way we want to be treated. We will strive hard to provide the best service for you, possible, and fight to save you every dime on both parts and service - just like each dime was our own."-Chris Calkins, General Manager

We are licensed and insured and proud to be a Dun and Bradstreet “Trusted Partner.” Duns Number: 078397104

D and B- Computer Repair Co. Louisville, KY

D and B- Computer Repair Co. Louisville, KY

Three Different Service Levels To Meet Your Individual Computer Service Requirements

Drop Off, Pick Up & Delivery or Onsite Service

Computer Repair Louisville, KY

Computer Repair Louisville, KY

We also service Clarksville IN, Jeffersonville IN, New Albany IN, Sellersburg IN and all areas of Southern Indiana.

Shop: Convenient Downtown Louisville, KY Location

Shop Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-5:00pm Sat.-Sun. 11:00am-5:00pm

(We are staffed during posted hours but it's best to call before you come and discuss the service or repair that is best for your situation).

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(502)963-3981 Lean on us to help you figure out your computer repair, laptop repair and computer service and virus removal needs. We offer a full range of services for business or home computer users including: New Computer Set-up and Training; Networking; Secure Computer Recycling; File, Photo, Music Transfer; Data Recovery; Desktop Computer Repair; Laptop Repair; Business Computer Service; Server Configuration; Hard Drive Repair; RAM/Memory Upgrades; DC Jack Repair; Software Updates;Virus Removal; Computer Tune-Ups; Laptop Screen Repair; Much More! 

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Computer Repair Topics: How To Use A Computer To Improve Your Computer Skills

Nearly everyone could stand to improve their computer skills. Computers are everywhere, and the prevalence is only increasing. In many elementary schools, even kindergarten students are commonly using iPads on a daily basis. Cursive writing is being replaced with keyboard skills. Computers are here to stay.

If you have a computer, you probably already have everything you need to increase your skills. There is a plethora of information available, much of it free. You simply need the desire to put in the necessary work.

Use online tutorials at Youtube.

Whatever skill you need to acquire, there’s likely an online tutorial you can use to bring your computer skills up to speed. Whether you’re interested in learning how to program in HTML or master Photoshop, someone has already done the heaving lifting for you. Online tutorials allow you to work at your own pace. You don’t even have to leave home.

Use a book in conjunction with your computer.

Computer books are available from a variety of sources, including, your local bookstore, and the local library. Used books can also be found online at and The key is to use your computer while working through the book. Computer skills are practical skills; avoid reading a computer book while lounging on the couch.

Take an online course.

There are free and paid courses available online. Some are provided by private businesses and individuals and others are provided by actual educational institutions. Some people learn better in a more formal setting and need the accountability that accompanies an actual course. A quick Google search online will uncover an endless number of courses.

Using a computer is the best way to improve your computer knowledge and skills. It’s challenging to improve computer skills without hands-on experience. Computer skills are practically mandatory to even survive in the modern world. Take a little time each month and be sure your skills are up to the challenge.

Computer Repair Topics: Distinctions Between Different Types of Malware 

The term ‘computer virus’ has been used as a blanket term to describe all types of malware, but this isn’t technically correct. It’s true that a virus was the first type of malware developed, but many other flavors of malware exist. Each presents its own problems. Investing in a good, current anti-malware program can make life much easier but it is not complete protection. As shocking of a statement as this might be: do not rely on your antivirus software to protect you from computer viruses. Do a Google Search education resources on how to prevent computer viruses and how to keep your computer in tune. 

The 5 primary types of malware are: 

1.       Virus: This type of malware is defined by the action of replicating itself and then inserting that copy. The copy might be inserted into data files, the boot sector of the hard drive, or other programs. In many cases, the virus causes harm by assessing personal information, corrupting data, taking up excessive space on the hard drive, or stealing CPU cycles. A virus doesn’t have to be destructive; the fact that it replicates itself is what categorizes it as a virus.A virus is a specific type of malware. Not all malware is a virus.

2.       Spyware: This is a program that gathers information about a user or computer without the knowledge of the user. This information is commonly sent to another person or organization. Spyware can even control certain aspects of the computers operation. In most cases, spyware is used to track Internet activity to gather consumer information. But spyware can also record login IDs, passwords, and banking and credit card information.

3.       Ransomware: Ransomware restricts user access to a computer system. It essentially demands a ransom to return that access to normal. In most cases, the computer is locked and only displays a message that encourages the user to pay. The message will suggest that the computer has been infected with malware and offer a solution to fix the problem. In more sophisticated examples, the ransomware will actually encrypt the user’s files. 

4.       Worm: A worm is similar to a computer virus; however, it is able to spread itself without being attached to a program. It self-replicates like a virus, but frequently doesn’t cause file disruption. In many cases, the only harm caused by worms is the excessive use of bandwidth and increasing network traffic. But worms can certainly be designed with the ability to cause the same type of havoc as any virus.

5.       Trojan: A Trojan or Trojan horse does not replicate itself. However, it is a program that can cause harm to a computer. This harm might include data theft or provide a backdoor to your computer or computer data. A Trojan can significantly slow a computer and is one of the most common signs that a Trojan exists. Trojans also do not insert themselves into other programs or files. Experts claim that over 80% of malware are Trojans. Malware creates a necessity for anti-malware software. Before running any program or email attachment, be sure the source can be trusted. Most anti-malware programs are able to scan individual files. This can be good insurance, but it’s important to keep your anti-malware software up to date. Be sure you’re getting regular updates.  

(On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. in Louisville, KY can help with all your Laptop Repair,and Computer Repair Service needs for your Home or Business. We do Laptop Screen Repair, Data Recovery, Virus Removal, Network Installation, Computer Network Repair and much more. Our certified technical professionals can be at your service fast and we provide Computer Service in a large Service Area around Louisville, Kentucky)

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