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Laptop Repair Louisville, KY

Laptop Repair Louisville, KY

LAPTOP REPAIR LOUISVILLE, KY- (502)963-3981 -On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Company does any type of laptop repair. No charge, black screen, blue screen, damaged USB ports, virus removal, software issues, we do it all.

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Laptop Repair Topics - How to Keep Your Laptop Cool 

There are 2 things you can always count on when it comes to computers: They generate heat and they don’t like heat. Laptop computers are more difficult to keep cool than desktop computers, since there is less airspace inside the case, and the components are close together. Cooling is a critical issue for any laptop.

Try the following tips:

Clean the fan. The fan is the life-blood of your laptop. It moves the air that cools your computer. The air blows over the CPU heatsink and carries that heat through vents in the laptop case. On a laptop computer I would recommend using your vacuum cleaner attachment to keep the fan free of dust and debris. You can use compressed air; however, this blows dust back up into the laptop. If you let cat or dog hair and cigarette smoke tar build up in the fan you will have to take it to a laptop repair shop for disassembly to clean the fan properly.


Use the computer on a cold firm surface. Remember that laptops are typically air-cooled. Blocking the airflow reduces cooling capacity. Placing your laptop on soft surfaces, like a couch, bed or pillow can block the fan and vents. Placing your laptop on papers can result in the same phenomenon. The best surface is a firm cool one.

Use the laptop in a cool place. I have a temperature monitor on my laptop and it’s surprising how much the air temperature of the room affects the core temperature of the laptop. Avoid using your laptop computer in hot rooms or conditions. Keep the computer out of the sun, away from heat sources and heat vents, and avoid leaving it in the car.

Use cooling accessories. There are special stands or laptop cooling pads that improve cooling by holding your computer above the work surface. The computer has more room to cool and airflow is often improved dramatically. There are even external laptop fans available for purchase which I recommend if you're already having heating issues.

Check your battery. When laptop batteries get old, they have a tendency to get extremely hot. If your battery’s charge isn’t lasting as long and the battery is very hot to the touch -- order a new one–or leave it out of the laptop all together.

The performance and longevity of your laptop will degrade rapidly in the presence of excessive heat. These simple tips can keep your laptop operating smoothly. If your computer is overheating regularly be sure to find a reputable and qualified laptop repair professional to service your laptop.

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